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At MUA Seychelles, quality is our business hub. Because we are growing so rapidly and with our focus on providing the supreme level of customer service, we are looking for the best people to join our team.

MUA Seychelles is a learning organisation that drives a performance culture. We hold a solid reputation for being an Insurer of Choice. We challenge bureaucracy, drive innovation, value autonomy and are passionate about our work.

In order to maintain our innovative edge and increase technical expertise in an ever changing world, we offer constant coaching, personalised development plans and tailored training and educational programmes to our staff.


Training and Development

We place prime emphasis on our people and can offer you continuous education and training to help you cultivate your skills and remain competitive. Our development programmes commence on your first day and continue throughout your career. Our on-the-job training is a six month process that helps you develop the necessary assurance, knowledge, attributes and mindset to continually improve your performance. We are moreover dedicated to sponsoring you if you wish to follow professional courses!

Career Development 

Through continuous counselling, we assist and encourage our employees to establish their development plans, taking into consideration their aspirations and opportunities for career growth within the organisation.

Performance Management

Our Performance Management System is based on defined objectives and key performance indicators and performance results are linked to an interesting Performance/ Profitability bonus scheme. Both performance and competencies are objectively assessed twice a year.

Talent Management

We also recognise that new talent is essential to our business and thus provide great career opportunities for outstanding graduates across many disciplines.

Compensation, Benefits & Rewards

We practise a fair remuneration policy with a competency-based salary structure and offer interesting benefits. We also ensure that our offer is competitive through regular assessments.

Our reward system is performance-based and therefore rests on the performance results obtained through our performance management system.

Socially Responsible

As a socially responsible organisation, we are engaged in helping the underprivileged communities, not solely through financial support but also through our employees' involvement in social activities.


MUA Seychelles offers an enriching, unique and collaborative work experience.

If you believe in results and are looking for challenges,
Don't wait and join us today! Send your CV in word/pdf format to [email protected]