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The Risk

Anyone who gives to another person advice and/or services of a skilful character according to an established discipline might be regarded as a 'professional'. That means persons other than those in 'traditional' professions, such as doctors and lawyers, are now considered to be professionals - e.g. computer consultants, advertising agents, acoustics consultants, and fund managers.

However professionals are human and mistakes do happen.

What if one of your clients sustains financial loss, injury or damage as a result of a mistake or your failure to exercise the required level of skills?

What if you are faced with allegations of professional negligence even if there were no negligence?

Even if you always act carefully, your best intentions will not guarantee protection from an allegation that you are forced to defend in court. Your time involved in defending allegations will deprive the business income, and legal fees will deprive the business of precious cash reserves.

Our Solution

Our Professional Indemnity policy aims to shield the professional's assets in the event of a claim, therefore ensuring that he/she is able to carry on their business.

The policy will indemnify you against your liability for claims first made against you arising from breach of professional duty by you or by any of your Employee in the conduct of your Professional Business.

The policy will also pay Costs either incurred by us or incurred by you with our prior written consent.